dinsdag 28 juni 2011

2NE1 wearing Jermey Scott x Adidas

Okay I posted on this performance earlier but I found out that most of the clothes are from Jeremy Scott's new collection for Adidas:
Find the post I posted earlier HERE are just scroll below!

On Minzy:
The Shirt

On Bom:
The dress

On Dara:
The Pants

On CL:

The jacket thing

Okay the collection will hit stores in august! I tottaly love the designs!

2NE1 wearing Adidas/ Jermey Scott

During the performances from Seoul Osaka music of heart 2011 2NE1 is wearing a lot of Adidas stuf.
I don't have time to printscreen so i'll just put the video one of the performances in:

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Wings 2.0 Metallic Gold/Black

Park Bom:

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Attitude Logo Shoes

Jeremy Scott x Adidas X-Ray Track Pants Skeleton

That was about it for this post maybe more later!

maandag 27 juni 2011

CL wearing Jeremy Scott

Another I Am The Best find. This time it's CL:

Jeremy Scott Boudoir Bombshell Spring Summer Collection 2011

Mizy wearing Cassette Playa

Yeah the new MW of 2ne1 finally came out and I totally love it!
Cassette Playa Spring/ Summer collection 2008

I posted on this before since No Min Woo also wore the shirt.

Check out the I Am The Best MV below:

Luna and Dara wearing Ksubi

There's a lot of cool sunglasses in the MV of Hot Summer! I found another one but this time Luna is wearing it:
Ksubi ''The Skeleton'' 2009/2010 eyewear collection

The Hot Summer MV of F(x):

Dara wore the same sunglasses in the Go away MV:

Changmin and Key wearing Jeremy Scott x Adidas

I spotted Changmin (DBSK) wearing a Jeremy Scott shirt on a fancam of Come to play:
Jeremy Scott x Adidas Shoe Graphics Tee

Key wore the shirt in France but that has been posted on other korean fashion sites:D

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

No Min Woo wearing Louboutin

In his commercial for Demi soda No min woo wore Louboutin shoes. I posted about the shoes before: Taeyang, G-Dragon and Yunho also wore them.

Louboutin stud sneakers

Check out the commercial below:

Soohyun wearing Nike

Again a U-KISS find and again on Idol League but this time Soohyun:
Cassetta Playa x Nike Dunk Hi Sneakers

If you want the link to episode, you can find it a few postes eralier.

No Min Woo wearing Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott

Yeah! Again a No Min Woo find:
Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott Cross Sunglasses

Krystal and Fei wearing Heartshaped Sunglasses

I spotted Krystal(F(x)) and Fei (Miss A) wearing the same sunglasses.
Krystal wore them in there Hot Summer MV and Fei were's them in her profile picture on Twitter:
Red Heartshaped Sunglasses

Check out the Hot Summer MV below:

No Min Woo wearing Cassette Playa

It looks like No Min Woo likes Cassette Playa since I found him wearing another shirt:
Cassette Playa Fall Winter collection 2010

Dongwoon of Beast also wore the shirt

Krystal wearing Linda Farrow

I spotted Krystal wearing Linda Farrow Sunglasses in F(x)'s latest MV Hot Summer:
Alexander Wang x Linda Farrow Zippered Sunglases

CL also wore the sunglasses
Check out the MV below:

Kevin wearing Adidas

Earlier I posed on Kibum druing Idol League. I also spotted kevin weraring Adidas:
Adidas Track Pants

Again here is the episode:

No Min Woo wearing Cassette Playa

I spotted No Min Woo wearing this cute shirt and found out it's from Cassette Playa. He wore it during his latest fanmeeting. The collors look a little bit different because of the lightning:
Cassette Playa Spring/ Summer collection 2008

Kibum wearing Ed Hardy

I spotted Kibum (ex-member of U-KISS) wearing Ed Hardy sweatpants. He wore it on Idol league episode 1. I couldn't find the exact design. You can see that in the back is the same logo as here:
Ed Hardy Sweatpants

Check out the episode with English sub below:

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Chi Chi wearing H&M

Another find from my BFF:D Thank you! She's spotted a girl wearing a H&M top I posted on before. I checked out the mv and saw another girl also wearing a H&M top:

Sorry I don't know the names of the girls since i'm not really into Chi Chi..

First girl:
H&M Top

Dal Shabet members and Suzy wore the same design

Then the second girl:
H&M Crop Butterfly Top
They wore the clothes in there debut mv Don't play around. Check it out below:

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Taeyang wearing New Era

I spotted Taeyang wearing a Coca Cola cap in the making film for BigShow 2010:
Coca Cola x New Era Soda series fitted baseball cap

Krystal wearing KTZ

I spotted Krystal wearing a KTZ dress in F(x)'s new MV Hot summer:
KTZ Bijoux Bustier Dress
Check out the mv below:

Dara wearing Jeremy Scott for Adidas

I think I will do a bigger post on this shoes since a lot of people wore them.
And I already posted on them before: BoA and Victoria
Dara posted teaser shots of their new choreography. In the pic's she were JS for Adidas shoes:

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Attitude logo shoes

Taehun wearing 7UNION

During Star Dance Battle 2011 was Taehun from ZE:A a cap from 7UNION:
7UNION Bones Fitted Baseball Cap
Check out the performance below:

Hyomin wearing Joyrich

Another Hyomin find:D When T-ara wasn't performing there dance Hyomin wore a different shirt:
Joyrich Joy London Boy Tee

Hyomin wearing H&M

My best friend spotted Hyomin (T-ara) wearing a H&M top during the Star dance battle 2011:
H&M top

This is the clip:

Lee Jang Woo wearing GPPR

Actor Lee Jang Woo wore a GPPR shirt for his Vogue girl photoshoot:
GPPR: Young America Tee in White

Jiyoon wearing Balmain

Jiyoon of 4Minute wore the Balmain top I posted on for Hongki during a performance on M.Countdown for Mirror Mirror.
Balmain Spring 2011 Collection

Dara also wore this top in the Lonely MV

Simon D wearing Tommy Hilfiger

In this pic with Brian Joo is Simon D wearing a Tommy Hilfiger tee. I can't find a picture of the shirt but it has the TH logo.

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Eunhyuk with Louis Vuitton

Sm Entertainment also posted this picture of Eunhyuk in which he is holding a Louis Vuitton wallet:
Louis Vuitton Wallet 2011 Ebene Canvas

* I'm not really sure if this is the exact one but it's from the same collection.

Hongki wearing Balmain

I thought a long time if I would post this since i'm not sure if the tee Hongki is wearing is really from Balmain but it looks a lot like it. Hongki (FT Island) posted the tweet a few days before:
This top is from the Balmain Spring 2011 collection

Sooyoung, Leeteuk and Minho wearing Ray Ban

SM Entertainment is posting all kinds of pictures from SM Town Paris and I spotted some of the celebs wearing Ray Ban glasses:
Sooyoung (SNSD) and Minho (SHINee):
Ray Ban Wayfarer Black
Suzy (Miss A) also wore this glasses (I posted on it before)

Ray Ban Aviator in Black

Minho wearing Adidas

In a picture together with Suzy from Miss a I spotted Minho (SHINee) wearing a Adidas tee from the Star Wars collection:
Adidas Star Wars D T-Shirt White

woensdag 8 juni 2011

CL and Dara wearing Jeremy Scott for Adidas

During the perfomances at The Party in Thailand CL and Dara (2NE1) were wearing Jeremy Scott clothes:
If you want to see clips of the performances then just search on Youtube on: 2NE1 The Party 110604.
I posted on bouth finds before.

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Sketelon Bones Tux Jacket
Junsu form 2PM also wore the jacket

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Flame Track Pants
Victoria from F(x) also wore the pants

maandag 6 juni 2011

CL wearing banana earrings

Minzy tweeted a picture a few days ago with her and CL. Cl is wearing banana earrings. They aren't brand earrings but I did find them on google.
Banana Earrings in Yellow

Yoon Eun Hye wearing Balmain

Okay I found this picture of Yoon Eun Hye and she's wearing a Balmain jacket in it. I totally love this jacket! Maybe this had been post before by a other site but I really don't have to to check it right now..

Rihanna and other celeberties have wore this jacket too.
Balmain Military Jacket

Wooyoung wearing Burberry

I posted on this shirt already earlier. But Wooyoung also wore the shirt on a picture he uploaded on his Me2Day:
Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 Men's Collection

Yunho wearing Adidas

I spotted Yunho wearing Adidas on Kiss and cry. He wore a track pants and jacket during the practice:
Pants: Adidas Firebird Track Pants White
Jacket: Adidas Adicolor Firebird Track Top Jacket Neon/Green