maandag 2 mei 2011

4Minute wearing Jeremy Scott

I know i'm posting a lot of Jeremy Scott clothers but that's just because I really like his clothes and I know most of his designes.

3 of the 4Minute girls wore Jeremy Scott during their Heart to heart perfomance on Music Bank (110408). I'm sorry but I don't really know the names of the girls.

Okay I think this is Hyuna (correct me if i'm wrong):

Jeremy Scott's Cotton sleeveless "For Rent" tee-shirt

The second girl. The shirt is probably z different version of the shirt are it's costumized:
Jeremy Scott No Slae T-shirt

The last girl:
Top: Jeremy Scott Polyester Trash Top
Skirt: Jeremy Scott Leather Biker Skirt

 All the clothes are from Jeremy's Boudoir Bombshell collection (spring/summer 2011).

Here is the video of the performance:

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